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After 6 Podcast Episode 21: A Little Bit of Slow



After 6 Podcast Episode 21: A Little Bit of Slow

& , Six Beers, stories, games, and guests. Grab a beer and have a Listen.(plus Andrew the baked this week)

Our good friend @AndrewtheBaked stops by so we could sort of ignore him. He is our biggest fan, bless his heart. Travis takes a call in the middle of our show. We play a deep cut from the Travis greatest hits collection. We discuss Indy Con, sort of.





Andrew The Baked

The After 6 podcast number one fan and avid weed smoker stops back in to tell us that he’s still alive.

Site: @AndrewTheBaked

Beer Run:

Classy Little Podcast


Welcome to the Classy Little Podcast! A weekly show that comes out every #WineWednesday, full of fun facts, trivia, anecdotes, humor and, of course, wine & cheese!

Show Themes and Bumps:

Kevin McLeod


After 6 Podcast Episode 17: Still Back

After 6 Podcast Episode 17: Still Back

Two hosts, Three Topics, Six Beers and a lifetime at the bottom of the middle.

Back again still! This episode we get the joys of Travis drinking moonshine.

Despite what you may here on this episode both hosts are actually on Facebook. Adam Christopher and Travis Sloan are hosts of the After 6 Podcasts and long time friends.

Email us After6podcast@Gmail.com

Facebook us if you like things on Facebook. Travis said he would really like it if you like our FB. I’d rather you follow us on Twitter but you know, do what you like, if it’s Twitter.

After 6 Podcast Episode 14: Back2Basics

Welcome back! Back to basics in this episode where we talk about all the things that mater most to America.

Here are some of the show topics:

Ben Afleck, Movies,Twitter Racing,Kevin Smith, Tom Hanks, Back To The Future, IMDB, stuff, things, no one is reading this.


After 6 Podcast Episode 12: @AndrewTheBaked

After 6 Podcast Episode 12: @AndrewTheBaked

We’re back on the scene crispy and clean.

This is the 12th time we’ve done this so we talked to @AndrewTheBaked and don’t really let him say anything. Being our biggest fan isn’t easy.

Crack a beer let’s get in the mix it’s After 6

This episodes topics include:

BTTF, @AndrewtheBaked, @KevinBartini, Rick Moranis, Ghost Busters.

Special Guest: