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Go back in time to our first time:


After 6 Podcast Live Episode 31… probably

This episode we make a triumphant return to discuss, other podcasts, the presidential debate,  why Trump sucks, and a rare interview with @TheTMFS who is on the show every week.

After 6 Podcast Live Episode 29, or 30, or 31 depending on your understanding of time.

After 6 Podcast Live Episode 28: Trav Net 6

Welcome to the minisode of After 6 podcast. This is episode 28 and that’s about all you really need to know honestly. We had to cut this episode short so we could go record a quest spot on the Everything is Awesome podcast with Nerdy Kev. It actually worked out because Travs internet wasn’t working at all.

We give some beer run props to @realawesomepod and for the third week in a row we talk about Mom I’m Sorry podcast, and for the second week in a row I go all fan boy for Drift and Ramble podcast.

You can catch the entire train wreck over at In the After 6 TV section or on our Facebook page.

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Kevin McLeod

After 6 Podcast Live Episode 27: Policy 6
Travis goes to Wal-Mart for maybe the last time, by law, or maybe it’s just a policy. We almost forget, but then don’t forget to shout out Drift and Ramble podcast 

After 6 Podcast Episode 25: Try Hard 6 (spoiler alert, it’s a visual train wreck as we figure out how to record the show live. Watch us slowly fail.

An episode of Fizzle Bang. It goes boom!  Join me live for the next recording Tuesday’s and Thursday’s at midnight EST.

First live episode, maybe the last, maybe the middle depending on your understanding of time. Anyway, sorry for the various voice issues and such. It’s a work in progress. Hey we don’t tell you how to do your podcast, this is probably why if I’m being honest.

We totally get a shout out in this video:


As heard on the After 6 Podcast Kevin Bartini :

As heard on the After 6 Podcast, Tracy Smothers y’all:

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