After 6 Podcast Episode 29: Megasode 6

Beer Run and Interview with: The Retail Rant


Ranty stops by for an interview and drops epic Hank Hill impression, we get the origin story of the retail rant podcast,

and we get final judgment passed on Travis’s Wal-Mart epidemic.

We launch our less than epic interview skills at Horror Hound Indy!

Interview with: Primal Fusion Studios

Insta: @Primalfusionstudios

Nora, Tom, Kyle, Reed, make masks, not just any masks, they make the real deal for real life masks that make your friends go, where did you get that? They were kind enough to come on our show, proving that they’ve never heard our show. Check out our interview with them from Horror Hound!

We go to the bar to NOT interview the bar tender and record our first ever live in public After 6 podcast episode.

Interview with: Extreme Design FX

The Freddy mask caught my eye and I just had to talk to this guy. Now the speculation from those who were there, is that I used my high pressure sales tactics to get the interview but that’s just a nasty rumor. I toughly enjoyed this conversation and again, the work is amazing and really if you’re into that sort of thing, you should really check out the web site.

Interview with: Chris Kuchta of Horror Artist

Twitter: @Bloodedemon

Chris is a painter who works with sci-fi and horror and sells the art work on canvas, and T-shirts. I saw his works and made a b-line to get an interview. Maybe it was an A line, I don’t understand Geometry so there’s that. Or spelling. Anyway, this stuff was original and stunning and if I wasn’t under strict orders not to buy anything I would have spent my last paycheck at his booth.

Interview with: Source Point Press

Twitter: @SourcePtPress

I’m a fan of comics, and indy authors. So when I saw the source point press set up at horror hound, I had to find out more. The art work is mesmerizing and enchanting while retaining a chilling quality. You should look it up.


Quest for Magic and Steele gets a shout out.

Ok that’s it. Run on.
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