After 6 Podcast Episode 22: Tmad 6


After 6 Podcast Episode 22: Tmad 6

& , Six Beers, stories, games, and guests. Grab a beer and have a Listen. Special Guest Tara Madison

This week Tara Madison stops by and them promptly wonders why. Adam gets the low down on GNR from Travis. We do a beer run. We cover our regrets, and ask for help, kind of.

I mean really the whole show is a big cry for help. That clown with a tear painted on it’s face feels real pain you know. It’s not all giggles and sun shine. Sometimes it’s grief and moonshine.

Guest Spot:

@taramadison  stops by. A radio personality, originally from Connecticut, most recently in Vermont and now in Columbia South Carolina.


Beer Run & Shout outs

Super Pee Pee Time

Stuff That Matters w/ Two Guys Who Don’t

A Couple of Things Podcast

Coin Concede

Velen’s Chosen

The Angry Chicken

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