After 6 Podcast Episode 4: Episode 3 Part 2

After 6 Podcast Episode 4: Episode 3 Part 2


Hot and fresh out the kitchen from last week it’s After 6 Podcast Episode 3 part 2. We landed another sponsor to replace Ray Rice Dentistry, sort of. Also in this weeks’ adventure our hero’s discuss Pawn Stars, Comic Book Men, American Pickers, Impractical Jokers, and somehow end up at Cops.

Travis gives us the minority report as he comes to the shocking realization that his co-host may be one of them. We go over the terms and conditions of when it’s OK to get in a President Obama bar fight.

Travis reveals a long held secret about his inner most desires as we theorize about the goings on in the shower rooms of so called gay rehab camps.

I suppose to help the SEO optimization I should also say something about One Direction, Star Wars, Back to the Future, and Neil Patrick Harris (NPH) however we discuss none of those things. Oh yea I almost forgot, Travis’ Mom.

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